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K&H Universal Waterer Deicer

K&H Pet Products

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  • Designed to keep water thawed, yet not hot!
  • Can be used with any waterer
  • Great for chickens, ducks, horses, pets, goats, etc.
  • Sealed bottom with handles
  • Built to last-Polypropylene ensures durability and long life
  • Includes TCO (Thermal Cut off) for safety
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Measures 15.5" x 15.5" x 3" and uses only 80 watts
  • 5.5' cord
  • MET Safety Listed
  • Pictured K&H Poultry Waterer unit sold separately

This is the most universal, thermostatically-controlled water deicer on the market. Keeps water available and ice-free in the winter months for all animals and pets. Can be used with aluminum and plastic Poultry Waterers, dog bowls, buckets and other water receptacles. Bottom is sealed to prevent unwanted pests from nesting. 5.5 foot cord and molded handles make lifting and positioning the unit convenient. 80 watts. MET listed. Two-year limited warranty.

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