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Perky-Pet® Pistachio Gazebo Feeder


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  • Wraparound tray allows for 360-degree perching and catches dropped seeds
  • Sure-Lock cap helps to keep squirrels out of the reservoir
  • Wide opening allows for easy filling and cleaning
  • Powder-coated finish ensures rust resistance
  • Built-in drainage holes keep seed dry
  • Holds up to 3.5 lb of mixed seed

Make your backyard the go-to hangout spot for wild birds with the Perky-Pet® Pistachio Gazebo Feeder! This feeder boasts a wraparound seed tray that allows birds to perch anywhere around the feeder. With the ability to hold up to 3.5 lb of mixed seed, your favorite backyard birds won’t be able to resist flocking to your yard! In addition to offering features birds love, this feeder also makes a charming addition to any outdoor setting with its quaint gazebo-style design. The powder-coated finish prevents rust to ensure it will be a focal point for years to come.


The wraparound perch and seed tray allow birds to dine from every angle. This means multiple birds can feed at once without having to compete for ports. Not only will birds enjoy the 360-degree buffet, but the tray also helps to catch dropped seeds meaning less mess below the feeder for you.


To ensure that your offerings are reserved for the birds, this feeder features a Sure-Lock™ cap. This unique device secures the lid in place, while the metal lid and mesh windows offer additional squirrel resistance. These features make it more difficult for squirrels to remove the lid and panels to gain access to the abundance of food inside.


Birds prefer seed that is fresh and dry. Built-in drainage holes in the tray and a metal mesh reservoir prevent water from settling. Instead, water is able to flow freely out of the feeder so seed airs out more quickly and keeps it fresh for longer. No more seed waste!


Do you want to know more helpful details about the Pistachio Gazebo Feeder? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Perky-Pet® Pistachio Gazebo Feeder
Model # GAZ01
Height 11.8 inches
Lenght 10 inches
Width 8.8 inches
Capacity 3.5 lb
Food Type Mixed Seed
Materials Metal, plastic

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