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Ani-Supplement Gold Deer Nutrition, 20-Lbs.

Ani-Logics Outdoors

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Ani-Supplement Gold is the answer to your year-round deer feeding needs. This scientifically formulated, grain-based feed is made with the highest quality ingredients. Ani-Logics(TM) scientists developed a formula containing an exclusive and unique blend of rumen degradable proteins (RDP) and bypass proteins. This highly digestible ration is designed to work specifically with the natural diet of whitetail deer, with the necessary minerals for maximum antler and body growth. Ani-Supplement GOLD includes Ani-Shield TX4(TM), a concentrated deer power pack, designed to promote deer health and growth. This blend keeps Supplement Gold fresher longer, eliminating waste while maintaining flavor and nutritional value. Use 365 days a year to prepare your deer for the hunting season and for the environmental conditions they face throughout the year.

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