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Harris Pantry Moth Traps


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Guaranteed to work!  Pesticide free and easy to use. Includes 3 Traps and 3 Foil Packs with Lure.

Finding Moths in your pantry can cause great distress, but Harris can help.

First steps will be to make sure that you dispose of any infested food, or products. You can also place items in the freezer, and we would recommend placing any remaining items in an airtight container.  The next step will be to make sure that you wipe down all the pantry shelves, and even a good crack and crevice vacuuming will help to remove any left over food items that the pantry moths can continue to breed  and reproduce.  

Pantry moth traps are great for trapping the adults.  You may want to also think about applying a residual Home Bugs Spray to the crack and crevices of the pantry areas once it has been completely cleaned out.

Moths such as Indian Meal Moths, will lay eggs in pantry staples, such as grains, nuts, bread, pasta, cereals, spices and even pet food.

What to Look Out For?

Signs of an infestation could be simply seeing:

  • Adult moths
  • Larvae in a package of food
  • Frass (appears sand color) 
  • Threadlike or web like contaminates in your food