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Preen Extended Control Weed Preventer


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Stop weeds* before they start for up to six months, guaranteed. Preen Extended Control Weed Preventer can be used around 600 plants in perennial flower beds; around groundcovers, trees and shrubs; and in arid landscapes and rock gardens.

Preen Extended Control Weed Preventer can be applied up to two times per year around established plants and transplants. A first application can be made any time throughout the growing season — spring, summer, or fall. For ongoing weed protection, a second seasonal application can be made two to six months after the first application.

When planting or transplanting into an area treated within the past 12 months, use fresh soil to fill in planting holes around plant roots, or injury may occur. Disturbing the soil surface after activation may result in erratic weed control.

  • Prevents new weeds* from growing for up to six months, guaranteed
  • Flip-top applicator cap makes application a breeze
  • When used as directed Preen Extended Control Weed Preventer can be used around more than 600 perennials, groundcovers, shrubs and trees as listed on the product label
  • Can be applied anytime during the growing season—spring, summer, or fall
  • Not intended for use on flower seeds, lawns, vegetable gardens, water gardens or other food-producing or edible plants
  • Not available for sale in NY

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